Scented Garden

Scented Garden with Hyacints

Scented Garden with Hyacints

Scented Garden Tips:

•    Plants with fragrant flowers or aromatic foliage add an extra dimension to a garden

•    Be careful not to plant differently scented plants close to one another unless their fragrance complement each other

•    Plan something fragrant in the garden all year round

•    Enclosing the garden with a wall (or fence/hedge) will help to keep the scents in the area

Some scented plants ideas:

*    Climbers

  • Clematis armandii; C. Cirrhosa var. Balearica
  • Jasmine varieties
  • Lonicera (honeysuckle)
  • Roses
  • Trachelospermum spp. And cvs.
  • Wisteria spp.

*    Shrubs for scent

  • Chimonanthus (wintersweet)
  • Choisya ternata and cvs. (Mexican orange blossom)
  • Daphne spp.
  • Hamamelis cvs (witch hazel)
  • Lonicera (winter-flowering honey-suckles)
  • Mahonia spp.
  • Osmanthus spp.
  • Philadelphus spp. (mock orange)
  • Sarcococca spp (Christmas box)
  • Syringa spp (lilac)
  • Viburnums

Hope you found these tips useful for your scented garden.

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