Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden with Lantern

Japanese Garden with Lantern

Japanese Garden gives an impression of natural landscape with a calm atmosphere. It offers peace and calm with restraint, order and harmony as the guiding principles. Japanese Garden is the expression of love for living things. You can turn anything from the tiniest courtyard to the grandest park into a Japanese garden.

•    Some elements you can use to create a Japanese Garden theme:

o    Kasuga-style lantern
o    Teahouse
o    Rock-gardens and pebble gardens (dry garden)
o    Cherry blossom for spring colour
o    Bonsai plants
o    Maple for autumn colour
o    Ornamental bridges also serve as focal points
o    “Deer-scare” water feature
o    Tea garden
o    Koi in the pond

These elements will all contribute to create a serene Japanese Garden.

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