Coastal Garden Tips

Coastal Garden

Coastal Garden

The climate for coastal gardens is usually milder, so frost is probably not a big issue. Wind on the other hand tends to be stronger and more frequent, and it also contains tiny drops of salty moisture that gives many plants scorched leaves and poor growth. The natural soil on coastal areas is likely to be sandy. So selecting the suitable plants for these areas is very important.

Trees and shrubs provide wind breaks and sheltered, shady areas for seatings. Trellis and pergola can also provide shelter from winds.
Design your patio to take advantage of the sun and view if you have it.

To keep a coastal theme, use some fishing net to drape over your pergola. Decking also goes well with this theme. For decoration use driftwood and shells. If you have a path, make it curvy like the waves and use beach stones or shells alongside it to emphasize the theme of coastal garden.

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