Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

As a balcony garden is normally quite small, choose a theme and stick with it so that not only can the attraction of each element be appreciated individually, but the overall effect remains uncluttered and beautiful as well.

When doing your balcony garden design, make space for some seating so that you can relax while enjoying the plants and the view. On bigger balconies you can set up a whole entertaining area complete with a barbecue and a table. In other words, make the maximum use of your space for entertaining and relaxation.

Include moveable features in your balcony garden design as they provide lots of flexibility. Light and portable chairs and table can be moved out of the way when not needed, and they are also easier to store, especially if they are foldable. A hammock is also great to relax as it is light and again easy to store when not in use.

A small, wall-mounted water-feature will add sound, light and movement to the balcony garden. If you choose a solar-powered one you don’t have to worry about wiring and electricity. Putting a taller water-feature or plant into the corner gives the opportunity to create some height and also to make the best use of a limited space.

A balcony is as much a living space as any other room in your house. It is however more exposed to the elements (although I did see balconies that got fully closed off with walls and windows and thus turned into “proper” extra rooms). So approach your balcony design the same way you would design a room in your house. Decide what its purpose and who will use it mainly, and then choose the ingredients that help to achieve the feel and look you are after.

Putting plants in containers is an excellent idea when space is limited. It gives you the flexibility to move them around, and also to move them indoors temporarily if you need to use the space for something else, like putting in another chair for an extra guest. Being able to move your plants inside also helps you to enjoy your plants in bloom while you are indoors as well, or to give easy access to your herbs while cooking.

Balconies are not just smaller, but also very different environment from the ground level gardens. But if you are careful with your choice of plants and how you grow them you can create a perfect mini-garden on your balcony complete with trees, shrubs, flowers and a veggie patch.

When watering, make sure that the water won’t spill onto other balconies below. You can use saucers under your pots or simply mop up the excess water. This way not only you but also your neighbours below will love your balcony garden!

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